About Us

The Slavic group of companies are structured to meet the unique needs of the PEO. The following is a brief description of the entities that deliver a unique service tailored to administrating a Multiple Employer Plan.

Slavic Investment Corporation (SIC); a FINRA registered broker dealer

Founded in 1988, SIC focuses on providing mutual fund platforms to retirement plans. As an independent broker dealer, we can offer any fund for trading without being tied to one fund family or product. This structure is a true open architecture, whereby 12b-1 fees and other fund revenue can be reimbursed directly to participant accounts.

Slavic Mutual Funds Management (SMF) ADV

As a SEC registered investment advisor and plan fiduciary, SMF analyzes, monitors and recommends mutual funds as investment options for retirement plans, subject to the approval of the sponsor's investment committee. In addition, SMF offers individual investment advice to participants at no charge and manages three portfolios as extra options embedded in the mutual fund platform. These managed portfolios come with an extra charge of 25 basis points and provide an alternative to participants not wishing to self-direct their accounts. If the plan sponsor approves, all fund revenue(12b-1, sub TA) commonly paid to brokers and investment advisors, is refunded to participant accounts; this feature ensures SMF delivers unbiased investment recommendations and selects the best performing funds available. Providing unbiased investment advice is the second step toward having a complete 401k plan.

Slavic Integrated Administration (SIA); DBA Slavic401k.com and/or PLANRight

The third-party plan administrator is the final and most important part of having a successful retirement plan. SIA was founded in 1995 to concentrate on PEO multiple employer plan administration and compliance. It contains the systems, staff and expertise necessary to meld and deliver the fully bundled 401k plan product sponsored by the Slavic group of companies. Using Relius software, along with proprietary trading and web enabled systems, complete service is provided to both sponsors and participants: this entails all functions necessary to administer a qualified plan in a competitive market place. In conjunction with a bundled service platform is SIA's focus on Multiple Employer Plan compliance, which is unique to the PEO industry as dictated by IRS Revenue Procedure 2002-21. This concentration enables the PEO to operate a cost-effective plan within the very complex regulations governing this industry.

Depository Services, Inc. (DSI)

Depository Services Inc.(DSI), a DBA for Slavic Integrated Administration, Inc.(SIA), operates a segregated bank account utilized for processing contributions and participant directed transactions. Funds remain in this account only on a short-term basis, as they are forwarded to mutual funds for trades or disbursed to participants for distributions, loans and rollovers. No interest is paid on the float and no fees are charged to participants for use of this account.

The Slavic companies are headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida and service over 3,000 clients nationwide by providing compliance oversight, plan operational structure, and marketing support. SIA is the record keeper and principal administration unit backed up by an in-house broker dealer network(SIC) and investment advisor(SMF). This service platform is the ultimate delivery system when it comes to PEO multiple employer plans; Slavic's one-stop integration reduces costs, enhances customer service and clearly defines accountability and performance goals.


CEFEX Certifications

Slavic401k.com/PLANRight has been certified by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence.