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Nothing Less than Excellence for Our Investors

The 401(k) plan is more important today than it’s ever been before. By all indications, a retirement funded by Social Security will soon become a thing of the past, leaving only those who properly prepared in a position to enjoy a secure and stable future.

It’s with that mindset that we approach every aspect of our business here at Slavic. Our participant-investors have entrusted us with a significant portion of their earnings; a portion of their work, and therefore a portion of their livelihood. Our stewardship of that livelihood is something we don’t take lightly, and that’s why words like honesty, transparency, integrity & fairness are spoken regularly within our four walls.

We Don’t Service Accounts, We Serve People.

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While it’s no secret that our business comes down to dollars and cents, we refuse to treat our clients like just another number. We value each person - regardless of their role or relationship with us - as an individual with unique needs & goals, challenges & dreams.

That’s why when you call our corporate headquarters, you’ll speak to a person - not a machine. That’s why we’ve carefully architected all of our services - from our inviting enrollment process to our friendly and competent customer service team, and everything in between - with the individual investor’s experience in mind.


Slavic Integrated Administration Inc is a BBB Accredited Financial Service in Boca Raton, FL

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Yes, Our Goals Are Lofty.

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Here at Slavic, we wholeheartedly believe that our 401(k) plans help create a more stable workforce. A stable workforce makes for a healthy economy, which promotes increased job growth and bolsters our nation’s economy even further.

More jobs equal more families with a bright future. Less reliance on government programs, like Social Security, equal more independence and personal control for those families. We love America, and we love Americans, and the knowledge that executing our business with excellence day in and day out makes American lives better is, in part, what gets each of us out of bed every morning.

Our Rich History

Here’s a brief timeline of Slavic's rapid growth trajectory

  • RIA Founded

    John Slavic writes financial advisory newsletter, manages mutual fund portfolios

  • Broker/Dealer Formed

    Slavic for investors – Expands management services for individuals using multiple fund families.

  • Stock Market Crash

    Slavic successfully navigates the October crash for clients..

  • First 401(k) plans are put into place

    Using Kemper Mutual Funds recordkeeping system “Kemflex,” Slavic begins managing 401(k) plans

  • Became leading firm in the Kemper 401(k) Division

    Slavic began to explore expanding 401(k) business, causing it to become the top firm for Kemper

  • Slavic becomes 3(38) fiduciary, and introduces Aggressive, Moderate, and Conservative managed Portfolios, and introduces first multiple fund platform

    Slavic creates platform where funds from different fund families can be interchangeably traded in the 401(k) platform

  • Slavic creates TPA platform specifically designed for the administration of Multiple Employer Plans (MEP)

    First Professional Employer Organization (PEO) acquired as client

  • Developed the recordkeeping platform to support Open Architecture platform and TPA platform. Utilizes Relius software for administration and recordkeeping

  • Slavic grows quickly, acquiring numerous substantial PEO clients.

  • Slavic formally assumes 3(21) fiduciary role.

  • Introduces net expense ratio reimbursement

    Revenue paid to Slavic by fund companies is reimbursed back to participants that had invested in those funds. This insures that the Slavic RIA selects objectively for the investment lineup, and for individuals portfolios.

  • Introduces complete transparency fee disclosure. Dollar amount fee is disclosed as a line item on the participant statement

  • Introduces Email Express. This weekly account balance update provides investors with market commentary and resources for ongoing education and advice.

  • Introduces Sponsor Express; a monthly email update for company owners adopting the MEP. This report provides individual plan data and testing results

  • Automation of numerous TPA functions increases internal efficiency, letting Slavic provide it’s clients with faster, more precise, more accurate plan administration.

  • Slavic receives IRS approval for Volume Submitter document

    Restated in 2007

  • Introduces the PEO Portal

  • Slavic acquires Oracle license to accelerate technology development

  • Educational Matrix Introduced

  • Slavic introduces managed IRA

  • Single User login introduced with TriNet and FW Davison

  • John Slavic joins the board of the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations

  • Slavic introduces comprehensive, customizable Document Fulfillment process to exceed all regulatory requirements

  • John Slavic joins ESAC board

  • Slavic builds in-house studio for video production

  • Slavic Volume Submitter document successfully restated

  • Slavic is among Fidelity’s fastest-growing recordkeeper, and John Slavic joins Fidelity Advisor Council

  • Slavic introduces Virtual Administration, bridging 401(k) administration and customer service between PEO’s, Service Bureaus, and plan sponsors

  • Slavic and Lincoln Financial collaborate in administration of MEP. Slavic becomes Lincoln’s largest TPA relationship

  • Dynamic Retirement introduced

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