Michelet Saul

Chief Technology Officer

Meet Michelet Saul

Michelet is the Chief Technology Officer for Slavic401k. Michelet and his team of highly skilled programmers in the Systems Department work to ensure the integrity, scalability, availability, and security of Slavic’s data. This includes the many databases required to support 401(k) plans, as well as Slavic’s web interface, which supports participants, worksite employers, and MEP Plan Sponsors with all of the tools they need to manage their plans.

Michelet joined the Slavic team in the year 2000, and shortly thereafter earned his Bachelor’s in Management Information System from Florida Atlantic University.

The Systems Department also oversees all activities associated with being both administrator and recordkeeper of Slavic’s plans, including statement generation, audit support, and the design and delivery of the many levels of reporting required by Slavic’s clients.

In his role, Michelet is passionate about delivering cutting-edge technology to Slavic’s clients and participants, and it is very rewarding to him to see that technology drive efficiency and precision within the context of their 401(k) plans.

In his free time, Michelet enjoys spending time with his family, as well as exercise and healthy eating.