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Get access to the first free online service that allows you to create instant, customized 401(k) cost comparison proposals for your clients and prospects, as well as to enroll your contacts into an automated email campaign to nurture them towards sales readiness with the value of the 401(k) at the forefront.

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What if my leads aren’t ready for a proposal?

As an additional value-added service for PEOs, we’ve also created a robust, automated email marketing campaign to nurture prospects who may not be sales qualified yet.

Simply upload an excel file with your prospects’ contact information and they will receive a series of monthly emails personalized with your name, email address and PEO logo. These are non-salesy, thought-leadership emails related to MEP 401k plans intended to warm your leads up to become sales ready.

When your prospects click through and convert, you will be instantly notified via email so you can take the appropriate steps to follow up.